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In the Light of Truth         
The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin

In the Light of Truth         


Abd-ru-shin’s work, “In the Light of Truth – the Grail Message”, conveys to the reader an insight into the working of the laws of nature and of creation. In a compre­hensible manner, the author describes the effect of the different laws which are interwoven right up to the finest ramifi­cations. The effect that one seed grain brings forth a multiple harvest of grains, for example, takes place in an entirely lawful way. This principle of nature, however, is not restricted only to the world of plants, but the lawful effect also affects the human being as a conse­quence of the thoughts and deeds generated by him. The human being reaps a multiple of the seed that comes from his volition. Such a harvest can then bring him joy or also sorrow.

In this context, the thought that what is personal in a human being is restricted only to one earth-life must be extended, for man is a wanderer who lives on this planet earth, in many embodi­ments, as a human being and in this way seeks the path of his task, of his true existence. Thus, what happened on this earth in the dim and distant past was already the work of us human beings of today, since we also already at that time, in earlier incarnations, played a part in these epochs.

The topics which Abd-ru-shin illumi­nates in his work en­compass the meaning of life and the task which the human being has to fulfil on this earth and beyond it. Further­more, the difference in the nature of man and woman is explained, which finds its expression in particular in a finer nature of every­thing feminine that strives towards the Light.

If the reader follows the descriptions of Abd-ru-shin with an open mind, he will arrive at a foundation for being able to divine what the different cultures on this earth refer to as “God”.

God as Creator of all things becomes actually perceptible in his creation only for those human beings who comply un­reservedly with this creation and the laws active therein. Here, there can be no separation between belief and science, for both are of the same origin and require an objective examination in order to be grasped, which can take place only in freedom from any kind of bindings.

In the foreword to his work “In the Light of Truth – the Grail Message”, Abd-ru-shin writes:

“The blindfold falls, and belief becomes conviction. Only in conviction do liberation and redemption lie!

I speak only to those who earnestly seek. They must be able and willing to examine this objective matter objectively! Religious fanatics and anchor­less enthusiasts may remain aloof from it; for they are harmful to the truth. The male­volent however, and the un­objective shall find their judge­ment in the words them­selves.

The Message will strike only those who still carry within them a spark of truth and the longing to truly be human beings. To all those it will also become lamp and staff. Without detours, it leads out of all the chaos of the present-day confusion.

The following word does not bring a new religion, rather it should be the torch for all earnest listeners or readers in order to find there­with the right path, which leads them to the longed-for height.

Only he who bestirs himself can advance spiritually. The fool who uses extraneous aids for this in the form of ready-made opinions walks his path only as if on crutches, whilst his own healthy limbs are ignored for this.

But the moment he boldly uses all the abilities which slumber within him awaiting his call, as tools for ascent, he makes use of the talent entrusted to him in accordance with his Creator’s Will and will easily over­come all obstacles, which may cross his path distractingly.

Therefore awake! Only in conviction does the right belief lie, and conviction arises solely through relent­less weighing and examining! Stand as living ones in your God’s wonder­ful creation!”